The Subject Line caught you, didn’t it?

Subject lines, the head scratcher of very copywriter editing an email campaign. Daily, there’s about 269-billion emails sent, which means there’s a lot of competition for the readers’ attention. These email numbers keep on increasing, too.

Facebook Ads vs Facebook Post Boosts

Advertising on social media has become somewhat of a necessity for any business. Social channels have proven to be far more cost effective than the traditional marketing methods. Your Facebook page has become your store front, your customer liaison and product brochure, therefore it is imperative that you do portray your business correctly.

The PoPI Act: The impact on Digital Media and Marketing

Daily we all use websites, emails and social media. The most recent statistics form the global agency We Are Social has indicated that the average person in Southern Africa spends up to eight hours per day navigating through websites and social media platforms that continuously collect their personal data through every engagement.

Get your spook on with Halloween campaigns

Halloween is celebrated all over the world — in some countries, like the USA, more elaborately than others. While the kids scavenge around to get sweet rewards for their home-made costumes and ring on doorbells, crying “trick-or-treat”, the salaried adults get absorbed in huge spending sales. Because, facts are facts: if there is an excuse to celebrate or make money, it will be seized.

The humble SMS campaign

SMS campaigns are often avoided because they’re usually seen as being “spammy”. However, if it’s approached and carried out correctly, it can be one of the most effective marketing tools for mass communication and broadcasts. The humble SMS campaign can offer open rates of over 90% and a click-through response time of 90 seconds.