Velocity Media can assist to build an opted in database for your business. This base will be made up of consumers who actively expressed an interest in your brand and have requested to hear more about your products and services. Building an opted in base is critical with the POPIA act on the horizon. This will, also, provide you with a medium to engage directly with your customers.


Velocity Media can assess the accuracy of your database. In addition to this we can enrich the data with additional fields such as address, earnings, age, race, gender, marital status and ensure phone numbers etc. This will enable you to get a true understanding of your customer.


Based on the analysis your database, Velocity can define buyer personas (characters) for your audience and develop a content strategy per persona to ensure that we are personalizing the conversation and that the right audience is receiving relevant content in the correct tone & style.


We will define a digital distribution strategy based on the above personas. These messages will come from your brand and all content will be distributed by email, mobile & via your various social media platforms. Velocity will define personalised consumer journeys based on the engagement of your audience.